King's Play Top Cage 24 x 22


King's Play Top Cage 24 x 22


Aprox 24" Wide, 22" Deep, 63" High

5/8" bar spacing
thickness of bars 3mm
door size 23-1/2" x 8"
inside playroom high approx. 30"
from inside grill to inside tray 6"
from floor to top tray 52"
from floor to inside tray 15-1/2"
from floor to 1st horizontal bar 5-1/2"
from floor to top perch 63"
from top tray to top perch 10-1/2"

TWO Playpen top perches
TWO Playpen step ladders
THREE Stainless Steel 20oz inside cups No Nipple
TWO Stainless Steel 10oz top cups on top perch
ONE nest door

Call for Color Availability

Not available for online purchase at this time