18" x 18" Pack of 50


18" x 18" Pack of 50


.08 a Piece

Pack of 50

Cage Size:  18" x 18"

Actual Paper Size:  16.5" x 16.75"


Unique CageCatchers™ waxed paper liners are designed to allow placing a full week's supply in each cage bottom. Simply remove one each day to keep your cages fresh and clean while saving time and money. Further, CageCatchers smooth non-absorbent surface allows at-a-glance checking of droppings for signs of illness other problems. CageCatchers™ are available in sizes to fit most popular bird cages

  • No bedding to scatter outside cage.
  • Eliminates mold, resists fungal growth. Won't hold moisture.
  • A week's supply fits in bottom tray for quick daily change.
  • Hypo-allergenic. Won't irritate birds.
  • Non-absorbent surface allows easy health monitoring of droppings.
  • Sizes fit most cages without trimming.
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