Four Big Drawers

four big drawers cai.jpg
four big drawers cai.jpg

Four Big Drawers

  • Heavy duty foraging toy specifically designed to withstand big beaks

  • Mount this parrot foraging toy inside of your bird's cage to keep him entertained for hours

  • Virtually beak proof polycarbonate drawers are a great place to hide your bird's favorite treats or foot toys

  • Your bird will be able to see whatever you have put into the drawers

  • Parrots learn to slide each drawer open by the handle

  • This type of activity helps reduce boredom and the negative behaviors associated with it

  • Each drawer is 3" square and has a bottom screw-in "lock" that prevents the parrot from removing the drawer but allows you remove it for filling and cleaning.

  • Screw-on mounting bracket included

  • Measures 6" X 6"

  • Great for Large Conures through Macaws

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